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Shave & Meet Event 2024

We are pleased to announce that Rasoigoodfellas, the largest Italian e-commerce dedicated to men’s grooming and beauty, in collaboration with Barbieri Uniti srl, a wholesaler, importer and distributor of the major brands in the sector, invites you to the second edition of the Shave & Meet Event 2024, to be held on Saturday 24 August 2024.

Aim of the event: The Shave & Meet Event aims to connect shaving, shaving and grooming enthusiasts with the best brands and experts in the industry.

Why participate in the Shave & Meet Event 2024?

Here are some unmissable reasons:

Meet the producers

Visit the stands of your favourite brands and discover what’s new. Present at the event will be Castle Forbes (Scotland), Merkur Razors (Germany), T.F.S. (Italy), Ariana & Evans (USA), Extrò Cosmesi (Italy), Wholly Kaw (USA), Mastro Michè (Italy), Ardenne Coticule (Belgium), Tatara Razor (Portugal), The Goodfellas’ Smile (Italy), Saponificio Varesino (Italy), Rockwell Razors (USA), Officina Artigiana (Italy) and many more!

Vendita prodotti Castle Forbes

Vendita prodotti T.F.S Torino

Vendita prodotti Ariana & Evans

Vendita prodotti Merkurs

Vendita prodotti Mastro Michè

Vendita prodotti Extrò Cosmesi

Vendita prodotti Wholly Kaw

Vendita prodotti Rockwell

Vendita prodotti Saponificio Varesino

Vendita prodotti Tatara

Vendita prodotti The Goodfellas' smile

Vendita prodotti Ardennes Coticule

Vendita prodotti Zingari Man

Four great Italian barbers present: Paolo Barrasso, Andrea Cottone, Michele Ferri and Doriana Borgo. Special guest: Stijn De Sutter, ambassador of the prestigious Belgian Ardenne Coticule stones.

Take advantage of the 20% discount on all products available at The discount is valid only for purchases made on site during the entire duration of the event.

Enjoy shaves commented by barbers on the outdoor stage and broadcast live on the Rasoigoodfellas YouTube channel.

sapone tyrannus event Rasoigoodfellas

Discover a preview of the new fragrance The Goodfellas’ Smile Tyrannus, available in a Full Art collector’s edition of only 200 pieces.

Official release of the Tyrannus Set: Tuesday 24 September 2024.

dopobarba tyrannus event Rasoigoodfellas

Share the highlights of the day with the legendary Luca Dinaro, who will close the event by celebrating 55 years in the business by getting a shave from maestro Paolo Barrasso!

The group of traditional shaving enthusiasts will demonstrate the different methods of sharpening freehand razors.

Learn the best methods of using the famous Belgian stones and try your hand at freehand razor sharpening.

Take part in the great afternoon raffle to win great prizes and gadgets!

Beer and grill at will

Bar and Refreshment Service: In the new party area in front of the Rasoigoodfellas headquarters, you will find a covered wooden structure with panoramic windows, capable of accommodating around 600 people indoors and 200 outdoors. The refreshment service, taken care of by ASD Basket Pedrengo, will allocate the proceeds to the purchase of sports equipment for the association’s young athletes. The area covers a park of over 3,200 square metres, enriched by conifers and deciduous trees, with an imposing Himalayan cedar in the centre.

Events in the Event

blog evento star wars 24 agosto Rasoigoodfellas

Star Wars Tournament: A section of the event area will be dedicated to the Magic card shop, which will organise a large STAR WARS UNLIMITED card tournament with 72 participants who will compete for overall champion status and win fantastic prizes. Would you like to participate?

Click here for more information!

Special discount: Take advantage of the 5% discount on all products available on The discount is only valid for purchases made on site online during the entire duration of the event

You cannot miss it: it will be the biggest event of 2024!

How to reach us

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Barbieri Uniti srl Via XXV Aprile n.21 24020 Scanzorosciate (BG)

  • Highway: Recommended exit: Seriate exit (15 minutes by car)
  • Train: Bergamo railway station (15 minutes by taxi/Uber)
  • Plane: Orio al Serio Airport (BGY) (15 minutes by taxi/Uber)