Rasoigoodfellas Cashback

Cashback offers you the possibility of obtaining a cash refund based on purchases made with all payment instruments available on the site.

Participation in the Programme takes place automatically for any expenditure of 30€ or more.

The Rasoigoodfellas Cashback Programme will be valid until 31 December 2023 and then automatically reset by 00.00 hours on the same day.

That the cashback credit can be accumulated and used on the rasoigoodfellas.com website at one’s discretion from 1 January until 31 December of the same year and then be reset and start again.

Participation in Cashback provides for a percentage cashback for each transaction made with a Payment Instrument on the rasoigoodfellas.com website. The cashback percentage shall be 10% of the expenditure made from 30€.

PLEASE NOTE: At the end of each Operational Period of the Programme (1 January – 31 December), the cashback obtained during the year will be reset to zero. Therefore, this count will restart from zero at the start of the next Period.

10% Refund

For every single transaction over 30€, 10% of the amount spent will be credited to your account balance.
The credit will be made when the status of your order is in ‘completed’ status.
To find out when your order will be placed in ‘completed’ status, simply wait for the confirmation email indicating that your order is in completed status.

An example of rasoigoodfellas cashback:
If you have made a transaction of 150€, this expense will be considered relevant for the calculation of the 10% cashback, so it will entitle you to a 15€ cashback on your personal account balance (i.e. 10% of 150€).

Attention: Orders paid partially or entirely with cashback credit will not generate new cashback.

What does this mean? It’s quite simple: If you have made a €50 transaction using €20 of accumulated cashback credit, the expenditure considered relevant for the purpose of calculating the 10% refund will be €30 (€3 cashback).

What happens to my 10% cashback if I return a product?
If yours is a partial return (I bought 5 products and I return 2), the 10% cashback equal to the value of the 2 products you wish to return will automatically be removed from your account balance (once the return is confirmed). If your partially returned order will bring the total order value below 30€. the full cashback amount will be automatically removed from your account balance.

If yours is a total return (i.e. of the entire order), the entire cashback amount will be removed from your account balance.

Please note: To be eligible for the 10% cashback, the total amount of your order must exceed €30. However, if you use wallet credit or discount codes and, after their application, the total order amount falls below €30, you will not be entitled to the cashback.

Black Friday Cashback

For the entire duration of the rasoigoodfellas Black Friday event, cashback will be deactivated.

What does this mean?
It means that purchases made during the event will not generate cashback.

Can I use the cashback credit accumulated up to before the Black Friday event during Black Friday?

N.B: the cashback campaign has been in force since 08/09/2023.
We would like to stress the importance of this date, as it represents the official start of the promotion.
Consequently, any transaction or purchase made before 08/09/2023 does not fall under the conditions of the campaign and therefore cannot benefit from the cashback.