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It’s very simple! If you are already a Rasoigoodfellas customer, you must first log in to the site with your usual login details, then click the following link:



As soon as your influencer status is active, within “My Account” you will find the “Influencer Area” section in the side menu. Within your influencer area you will not only see your statistical data and earnings, but you will also find the entry “Affiliate URLs”. By pasting the URL of the product page you want to share or review into the space provided, your own unique product URL will be generated (therefore your own) to use on your blog or social pages.
The URLs you have to use must always be those generated by your influencer space, otherwise they cannot generate profit.

Content creators who participate in the Rasoigoodfellas Influencers programme earn commissions from Rasoigoodfellas affiliates for eligible purchases.
The influencers programme brings related content to Rasoigoodfellas to help customers search for and discover products they may be interested in.

Content creators participating in the Rasoigoodfellas influencer programme earn affiliate commissions from Rasoigoodfellas for eligible purchases based on traffic generated to the Rasoigoodfellas site.

An influencer is anyone with a number of followers on social media, but the programme is also open to bloggers, publishers and content creators with a suitable website or mobile application.

No. Influencers can decide for themselves whether or not to recommend a product. Rasoigoodfellas does not edit content as long as it complies with our guidelines (bottom of page).
Rasoigoodfellas may take content provided by influencers and show the most relevant content to customers during their shopping experience.
Site affiliates are not only required to provide positive reviews. Their job is to help customers discover and research products, even with criticism. Negative comments from an influencer about a product will have no impact on how that product is displayed or promoted by Rasoigoodfellas. Influencers must comply with our guidelines for creating customer reviews (bottom of page).

Rasoigoodfellas suspends payment of advertising fees until the total amount due has reached at least €25

Affiliation fees amount to 10% and do not take into account any shipping costs incurred by the purchaser and any taxes on the product purchased (the 10% is then calculated on the taxable price of the product price).

During registration, you are asked for a payment email. This is used by our system to contact you when the payment threshold is reached and to which you will provide your preferred method of credit between Paypal and Bank Transfer.

All registrations to the Affiliate Programme are verified by our internal team. You will normally receive a registration status update within 12-24 hours.

All products added to the shopping cart and purchased following your referral link will generate commission. This means that if you show product ‘X’ and the customer also buys Y and Z in the same order, both X and Y and Z will be part of your commission.
You may earn commission for any eligible items placed in the shopping cart by the customer within 24 hours. This time frame starts from the moment a visitor clicks on the affiliate link. However, the 24-hour time frame stops if the customer places an order or returns to Rasoigoodfellas via another affiliate’s link.
Once the time frame has expired, any purchase will not result in an advertising commission for their affiliate account. If the customer returns to Rasoigoodfellas via an affiliate link, this generates a new 24-hour time frame. If the item is added to the shopping cart during these 24 hours, you will receive an advertising commission for this item, even if the actual order was placed in the following weeks.
In any case, you will not obtain advertising commission for items purchased after the 24-hour period has expired, even if the customer had previously followed your affiliate link on Rasoigoodfellas or if a purchase order is cancelled or returned.

If you have created a direct link to a product in the Rasoigoodfellas shop, which no longer exists, there are two possibilities: an updated replacement product will be shown or clicking on the link will open an error page. This is why it is a good idea to regularly check all direct product links.


Our guidelines are few, simple and clear.

Integrity is very important to us. False, misleading or inauthentic content is strictly prohibited. If you violate our Guidelines, we may suspend or terminate your account. Engaging in unlawful activity may also violate applicable laws, and result in legal action and civil and criminal penalties. We encourage anyone suspecting manipulation to inform Rasoigoodfellas. We will take appropriate action if necessary. By using our programme features, you agree to abide by the applicable Terms of Use and Guidelines.

Respect for others
Rasoigoodfellas values diversity of opinion, so you may find yourself disagreeing with some content. In order to maintain a welcoming environment, your participation must always be respectful of others. In particular:

Do not post libellous, defamatory, harassing, threatening, instigating, pornographic, obscene or vulgar content. For example, do not use obscenities or vulgarity, expressions that suggest hatred or intolerance towards others on the basis of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender or sexual identity, religion, sexual orientation, age or disability, including promoting organisations that support such discrimination.

Do not publish content that violates the privacy of other users. For example, do not post phone numbers, addresses, email addresses or other personal information, and do not post links to sites that contain malware or phishing.

Illegal activities
Do not publish content that encourages or supports illegal behaviour, e.g. violence, drug use, fraud.

logo rasoigoodfellas influencers 1 Rasoigoodfellas

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