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Please note that sealed cosmetic products, from which the seal has been removed, cannot be returned.
You have 30 days to return the product you do not like.
The conditions for a refund are as follows:

– Products must be returned undamaged, unused and in the original packaging including instructions and accessories (if any).
– Returned items must not show any damage or signs of wear resulting from handling not necessary to establish the nature and characteristics of the items.

You are responsible for shipping costs.
This is the address of our warehouse:

Barbieri Uniti S.r.l
Via 25 Aprile 21,
24020, Scanzorosciate, Bergamo (Italy)

If you have received a defective product, we will pay the shipping costs. The courier will collect the parcel directly from your home or office.

Simply follow the instructions on the ORDER page in your personal “My Account” area (login required).
By filling in the form, a return request will be generated at rasoigoodfellas. One of our operators will contact you and the courier who will pick up the package on the next available day (holidays excluded).

The refund will be issued within 14 days of receipt of the item.

We would like to remind you that:

1) Processing marks, smudges and/or aesthetic imperfections of less than 1 millimetre and which do not affect the use of the product, do not entitle the consumer to terminate the purchase contract.

2) Packaging of products that have been slightly bumped during transport (which has not in any way compromised the product contained and does not impair its use) Do not entitle the consumer to terminate the purchase contract.

3) Cosmetic products of artisanal production, may vary in consistency and/or appearance according to external temperatures and/or batch number without in any way altering the intrinsic qualities of the product. Product characteristics do not entitle the consumer to terminate the purchase contract.

4) Returns must be returned intact, in the original packaging including instructions and accessories (if any).

Rasoigoodfellas.eu shall check all damaged or defective items returned.
If no defect or damage is found, the courier’s collection costs of €6.95 shall be deducted from the total refund.

It is not possible to change the content of an order. If it has not yet been shipped, you can cancel the order from this page (http://www.rasoigoodfellas.eu/my-account/receive-assistance/).

Orders are dispatched from Monday to Friday. All orders that arrive before 12 noon will be dispatched the same day.
Order processing times may vary exclusively during the Black Friday period (approximately 20 to 30 November each year).

Orders are dispatched using BRT or DHL. It is not possible to choose the courier by which your order will be dispatched. Usually processed orders are delivered to customers within 24 or 48 hours. Rasoigoodfellas.com is not responsible for any delivery delays caused by the courier company itself.

During the holidays the delivery time of parcels by couriers may be extended. Rasoigoodfellas.eu relies on third parties to carry out shipments and cannot be held responsible for any delays in delivery.

In the event of a lost parcel, we will always check the situation and make up for it by sending you the same order again.

To find out the shipping costs for your country, please visit this page: Click Here

If your order is in status – awaiting payment – it means that money has not been taken from your account.
There may be several reasons for this and they do not depend on rasoigoodfellas.com.
From https://www.rasoigoodfellas.com/my-account/orders/ you can see the status of your order and proceed with the payment of the pending order.

All orders received by 12 noon CET will be shipped on the same day (Monday to Friday, excluding holidays).
Same-day shipping may be delayed (exceptionally) during promotions or special events (such as Black Friday).

If you wish to cancel an order in progress, you can do so from this page http://www.rasoigoodfellas.eu/my-account/receive-assistance/.
Cancellation of orders can be requested in the following timeframe:
– By 12 noon (midday CET) on the day you place the order.
– By 12 noon (noon CET) on the next (working) day in the case of orders placed on rasoigoodfellas after 12 noon (noon CET)

If your order cancellation request is placed after this time, it will not be possible to cancel the order because it has already been shipped.
Once received, you can return the parcel using the RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL.

Welcome to your guide on how to activate your Gift Card. It’s easier than you might think, and with a few simple steps, you can unlock your credit and use it for your purchases. Here’s how.

First, you will need to log into your account section. You may find this option in the top right corner of the website or app, depending on where you are browsing. Click on your profile icon and select ‘account details’ from the drop-down menu.

Once in your personal area, look for the ‘Gift Cards’ section. Click on ‘Gift Cards’ to open the dedicated page.

You will then see a field where you can enter your Gift Card code. You will find this code that you received by email if it is a digital gift Card. Please enter the code carefully in the designated field.

After entering the code, you will see a button that says ‘Add to your account’. Click this button to activate your gift Card. Remember, you must click this button to activate your credit.

Once this is complete, you will see your Gift Card credit applied to your account. When you add products to your shopping cart, you will be able to see your credit and decide whether to use it for your purchase.

That’s it! You have now successfully activated your Gift Card and are ready to go shopping!

We want to thank you for shopping with us and hope that your Gift Card will help you find exactly what you are looking for. If you need any further assistance or have any questions regarding the use of your Gift Card, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team. Thank you for your trust and happy shopping!

Brands and Products

Rasoigoodfellas constantly receives goods from its suppliers but we are unable to give specific information on an individual product. The best way to stay informed is to go into the description of the desired product and fill in the field -I want to be notified when this product is back in stock- with your email.
Once the product becomes available again, the system will automatically send you an email to notify you when it is back in stock.

Rasoigoodfellas only sells new goods. As received from the manufacturer they are put on the shelf and subsequently sold. If the product inside the packaging is defective, simply read the guidelines on this page (http://www.rasoigoodfellas.eu/orders-returns-and-legal-guarantee/) and proceed with the free return of the product.

Particularly during the summer period due to high temperatures, shaving soaps and other soft cosmetic products may undergo significant material shifts within the jar during transport (especially if laid on their side). This can also occur during the winter period, depending on the basic consistency of the cosmetic product purchased.
One brand that is very prone to this type of change even during the winter period is Extrò cosmetics.

If the product received is not of the sealed type, you can return it at your own expense by following the instructions on this page (http://www.rasoigoodfellas.eu/orders-returns-and-legal-guarantee/).

Rasoigoodfellas.eu carefully selects the products it sells to ensure its customers always buy high quality products.
We don’t have any soaps that assemble poorly or bad batches. The answer can be painful, but in most cases it is because you have not yet acquired proper dexterity.

The first rule is not to be afraid to use a little extra soap. During an average shave you should use at least 3 or 4 grams of soap (no need to weigh it). We try initially to abound a little. If it is too much, it will be sufficient to decrease the next time.

Our advice remains the same. Switching from a multi-blade razor to a safety razor can finally make daily shaving an extremely pleasant and enjoyable moment.

Provided you use the right tools (mind you – I did not say expensive, just right).

Best safety razor to start with:
Without discriminating against anyone, avoid buying a razor of Chinese make and brand. They are usually extremely aggressive on the face and generally poorly calibrated.
Use the dedicated filters for safety razors by setting the razor scale to medium or mild and with guard closed. (http://www.rasoigoodfellas.eu/category/shaving/razors-and-blades/safety-razors/). A fair initial outlay for a safety razor, in our opinion, ranges from 25 to 45€.

Best shaving brush to start with:
Always opt for a synthetic shaving brush. Easy to use, requires no activation and no maintenance. (http://www.rasoigoodfellas.eu/category/shaving/shaving-brushes/synthetic-shaving-brushes/). A fair expense to start with is between 15 and 30€. Razorock, The Goodfellas’ smile, Simpson’s Trafalgar line and Omega’s Roma line are the ones we would recommend.

Best shaving soap to start with:
We always suggest starting with a good shaving soap but without going over a certain price threshold. This is because fully appreciating a shaving soap can take a lot of time and practice.
A suitable price range is between 8 and 15€. Among the brands suggested are The Goodfellas’ Smile, Mastro Michè and Taylor Of Old Bond Street.

Let’s dispel a myth. safety razors, especially when developed in noble materials such as steel and not covered in chrome, can have small but visible processing marks. They are not industrial products but the result of precision machining.
For this reason, signs of workmanship, burrs and/or aesthetic imperfections of less than 1 millimetre that do not affect the use of the product are to be considered product characteristics.

We have created on the shop page dedicated to safety razors a series of filters to help you understand this (http://www.rasoigoodfellas.eu/category/shaving/razors-and-blades/safety-razors/).
Such as how smooth/aggressive a razor is or whether it is suitable for daily shaving. Try using them, they are extremely useful!

I have a hard beard and sensitive skin and I get very irritated when going against the grain.
The response can be painful but in most cases it is because you have not yet acquired the correct dexterity.

Shaving is not like sending a rocket to the moon but it does take some small precautions.

Assuming that the tools you are using are of good quality, all that remains is to improve the technique.
The image you can see below represents a case study that solves 90% of shaving problems.
Once you have made the shaving pass in the direction of the hair, move on to the first counter-shave by pointing the razor centrally just below the chin and go horizontally towards the left ear.
Pull the razor away from the skin and bring it back to the centre under the chin, now go horizontally towards the right ear. The whole neck do it this way. From centre to left and then from centre to right.
Once done, brush again and do the counter-shave from bottom to top normally.

comeradersi up Rasoigoodfellas

Tightening the handle to the rest of the razor often causes signs of use and rubbing under the plate.
Saver washers prevent the razor from getting scratched. It is not a necessary item for its operation but it is useful to have.

The Goodfellas’ smile razor saver nylon 10 pieces

Let us try to provide some clarity.
The Gap is a measure of the gap between the razor blade and the safety bar of the razor.
It is often understood (wrongly) as a measure indicating when a razor is aggressive. In itself, this figure has no value as a parameter.

This datum is also only measurable if the razor blade is mounted in the safety razor. Look at the razor from the side and imagine the trajectory that the razor blade would have if it continued along its length. if the trajectory of the blade goes against the safety bar, it means that the exposure of the razor blade is negative. If the trajectory goes beyond the safety bar it has a positive exposure. The exposure can also be centred, meaning that the razor blade’s trajectory falls exactly on the edge of the safety bar.
This data, compared to the Gap is already more indicative of how the safety razor might shave.

Both of the above data can be totally invalidated by the very geometry of the cap and plate, which together can force the curvature of the razor blade, drastically changing the angle of the cutting edge.

So how is it possible to understand the razor before buying it?
We have created on the shop page dedicated to safety razors a series of filters to help you understand it (http://www.rasoigoodfellas.eu/category/shaving/razors-and-blades/safety-razors/).
Such as how smooth/aggressive a razor is or whether it is suitable for daily shaving. Try using them, they are extremely useful!

1) Make sure that you have closed the shaver with the plate turned to the right side. the flat part of the plate must face the handle. The raised tread part must face the cap. See picture.
2) Make sure you have inserted the razor blade.

montare rasoio Rasoigoodfellas

Basically, there is no one razor blade that is better than another, it’s up to you. We can only give some basic objective indications which you will find below.

Coatings: Razor blades can be pure (stainless) or coated with other metals to make the razor blades softer (e.g. platinum coating).
Width: Razor blades do not have a real width standard and can differ by a few hundredths of a millimetre from each other. Normally about 21.92 millimetres wide (Source: Francesco Lucarelli Traditional Shaving), there is a peak in width in the case of Japanese KAI razor blades, which are an impressive 22.16 millimetres wide – making them a quarter of a millimetre (25 hundredths of a millimetre) wider than the average. This means that any safety razor with these razor blades fitted will be sharper than any other razor blade previously used.
Sharpness: Laboratory results indicate that Feather (Japan) are the absolute sharpest razor blades on the market.

Below is an important test reference developed by our American colleagues at refinedshave.com.
The test indicates how many grams of pressure it takes for a razor blade to cut through the backing.

The more grams of pressure needed, the less sharp the blade will be (hence, higher number, lower sharpness). The same test was performed after one complete shave and after 2 complete shaves (this indicated the duration of the sharpening over time).

Razor blade New Blade. Grams needed to cut the test stand Sharpening after the first shave Sharpening after the second shave Medium sharpening
Rockwell Razors 54 51 54 53
Derby Extra Green 53 44 51 49
Kai 53 42 39 45
Merkur 53 51 46 50
Bolzano Superinox Inossidabile 52 46 49 49
Treet Carbon 52 62 69 61
Derby Premium 51 46 46 48
Astra Superior Platinum 49 46 44 46
Big Ben Super Stainless 49 45 49 48
Personna Lab Blue 48 37 35 40
Rapira Swdish Super Steel 47 48 47 47
Shark Super Stainless 47 51 56 51
Gillette 7 O’clock Yellow 46 43 42 44
Gillette Silver Blue 46 41 35 41
PolSilver Super Iridium 46 39 40 42
Wilkinson Sword 46 33 34 38
Gillette 7 O’clock Green 45 35 42 41
Gillette 7 O’clock Black 45 32 36 38
Gillette 7 O’clock Green 45 38 40 41
Gillette Platinum 45 38 39 41
Treet Platinum 45 46 46 46
Crystal 44 37 38 40
Rapira Platinum Lux 44 38 39 40
Astra Super Stainless 43 38 40 40
Voskhod 42 41 39 41
Perma-Sharp Super 41 30 37 36
Personna Platinum Israeli 41 37 36 38
BIC Chrome Platinum 40 33 32 35
Gillette Nacet 39 35 38 37
Feather 32 40 40 37

A perfume contains between 15 and 30% fragrance oils, an Eau de Parfum (EDP) between 8 and 15%, an Eau de toilette (EDT) between 4 and 8%. Eau de Cologne (eau de Cologne) as well as aftershaves generally contain between 3 and 5 per cent essential oils in a 70 per cent alcohol solution (contains 70 per cent ethanol).

Based on the most recent classification, we distinguish the following categories of perfumes (this is the classification system developed by the Haarmann – Reimer group). We divide the fragrances of the different brands into six main categories with their subcategories.

1) Floral fragrances
a) Green florals
These contain in most cases essences such as iris, galbanum (a resin obtained from certain Iranian and African plants). They are fresh perfumes.

b) Fruity florals
In most cases they contain essences such as pineapple, peach, apricot, cassis (blackcurrant), apple. In these perfumes the fruity component is very pronounced.

c) Fresh florals
They contain in most cases essences such as lily of the valley, narcissus, hyacinth, orange blossom. Bergamot, jasmine or the scent of fresh grass may also be added. These are the fragrances of spring flowers.

d) Floral florals – fantasy
They contain in most cases essences such as rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang, narcissus, tuberose, iris, carnation. They are tender and romantic fragrances that contain an abundance of essential flower oil. From the fragrances of white flowers come the most diverse combinations. The scent of these flowers is warm and enveloping (e.g. Cacharel Anais Anais).

e) Aldehydic florals
Floral elements are combined here mainly with the aliphatic aldehyde group. An aldehyde (an acronym derived from the words alcohol and dehydrogenate) is a colourless organic compound formed by oxidising or dehydrogenating alcohol. These are elegant and typically feminine perfumes. The most famous of these is Chanel No 5.

f) Sweet florals
These are intense and heavy combinations obtained from the fragrances of the strongest flowers.

2) Oriental fragrances
a) Sweet orientals – amber
These contain in most cases elements such as floral, balsamic-animal, citrus, vanilla amber. They are often enriched with green and spicy fragrances to which sweet amber components are added. In men’s variants, amber, honey aroma and a vanilla base are added.

b) Spicy orientals
These contain mainly elements such as geranium, clove, cinnamon, amber, cedar and sandalwood. Jasmine, ylang-ylang and some salicylates are also added.

3) Chypre fragrances
a) Fruity chypre
Typical strong fruit perfumes, the main component of which is peach.

b) Animal floral chypre
This variant is loved by men and women. The animal elements lend femininity, while the bitter scent is masculine.

c) Floral chypre
They contain mainly elements of gardenia (e.g. Paloma Picasso), rose. They are also mixed with patchouli.

d) Fresh chypre
They contain purely chypre compositions. They are light, effective perfumes.

e) Green chypre
This is the lightest and freshest branch of chypre perfumes. Grass or leaf fragrances are used, also musk fragrances and fresh foliage.

f) Woody chypre
They contain mainly elements of sandalwood, patchouli, andropogon, vetiver, cedar.

g) Leather chypre and h) Tobacco chypre
They are often combined with elements of roots and herbs.

i) Chypre pine
Perfumed elements obtained from wood and pine extracts.

4) Fougère fragrances
a) Fresh fougère
The lavender component dominates. It is enriched with spicy aromas, spicy herbs and fresh wood scent.

b) Flowery fougère
Orange blossom, cyclamen, lily of the valley, neroli give a flowery fragrance.

c) Woody Fougère
These are mainly modern synthetics with the scent of amber and precious woods.

d) Sweet – amber Fougère
The sweet scent of amber is characteristic for this composition. Benzofuran elements are also added.

5) Citrus fragrances
a) Floral citrus
They contain delicate herbal elements. They are also used as unisex perfumes.

b) Fancy citrus
Contain components of citrus essences and modern synthetic substances. They also include various types of eau de Cologne.

c) Green citrus
Fruity and green elements are added to the citrus base notes.

6) Lavender fragrances
a) Fresh lavender
They contain no other elements. Pure lavender perfume is used in their production. These are refreshing waters.

b) Spicy lavender
Spicy variant with pine scent. Particularly spicy freshness.

In this case, simply shake the bottle before use. The presence of sediment at the bottom is due to the type of processing of the product.

Preparing the brush
The badger shaving brush should be left to soak in warm water for a few minutes before shaving just the length of the hair to allow the bristles to soften and retain heat. The correct water temperature should be that which allows the hand to be immersed without scalding it excessively. Too much heat could damage the hair irreversibly. Also, leaving the entire shaving brush in the water for too long could swell the badger hair to such a level that it could break the handle.

Badger shaving brush maintenance
This is for all brushes the most critical stage. It is necessary to ensure that all soap residues are removed from the knot by rinsing it with clean, warm water. Then gently squeeze the base of the knot to assess whether it is completely free of residue and finally, stroke the bristles on a soft cloth. Leave the hair to dry completely on the stand (if available) or in a ventilated area (such as near an open window). Allow the brush to dry completely between uses to avoid mildew formation that could damage the hair.

A proper drying cycle may take up to 48 hours, for this reason, the purchase of a second Yew shaving brush is highly recommended.

The synthetic shaving brush does not require activation.

Soak the shaving brush in lukewarm water a few minutes before shaving, this will allow the synthetic hair to retain heat. The water should not be too hot so as not to risk damaging the fibres.

How to Dry and Store a Synthetic Shaving Brush
Ensure that all soap residue is removed from the knot by rinsing it with clean warm water and squeezing it gently with your fingertips. Dab the shaving brush hair with a soft, clean cloth and leave it to dry completely by hanging it on a stand in a ventilated area.

As it is not a natural fibre, to date there are no known cases of mould developing inside the knot.

Like badger hair, a bristle shaving brush tends to retain a lot of water.

Especially if you buy a brush with a big knot (e.g. Omega 49) we don’t recommend to leave it totally immersed in water for many hours because the swelling of the hair (even more pronounced than in badger) could break or crack the handle making it unusable.

To eliminate the “bad smell” that the newly opened brush might have we suggest (as for the badger) to follow the following simple rules:

  • Soak the brush in lukewarm water for a couple of minutes
  • Slightly squeeze out excess water
  • Load the brush with shaving soap
  • Create a thick lather in the palm of your hand or in a bowl
  • Rinse and squeeze out excess water
  • Repeat steps 1 to 5 three or four times

These steps will remove any odour and prepare the shaving brush for its first use on your skin.

How to Dry and Store a Bristle Shaving Brush
The drying step is probably the most important of all and the one that will determine the longevity of your shaving brush.
You need to ensure that all soap residue is removed from the knot by rinsing it with clean warm water and squeezing it gently with your fingertips. Dab the shaving brush hair with a soft, clean cloth and leave it to dry completely by hanging it on a stand in a ventilated area to prevent mould spores from developing inside the knot over time.
It would be good practice to have at least 2 shaving brushes so that the brush used can always dry properly.
Although the pig bristle brush is less delicate than the badger, it is still an animal hair that requires proper maintenance to last.

Even if correctly activated, a badger shaving brush may lose 5 or 6 hairs during each shave for the next 20 or 30 shaves.
Don’t worry! A badger shaving brush contains on average 15 to 25 thousand hairs, losing a few will not affect your shaving brush in the slightest.

Unless otherwise indicated, no. Freehand razors have a basic sharpening that needs to be made functional by the buyer.
Conversely, if the razor is described as Shave ready (or Already sharpened), it means it is ready to shave. The Goodfellas’ smile brand of freehand razors are Shave Ready, meaning they are ready to use right out of the packaging.