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“Merkur was born in Solingen, Germany in 1896. The company’s name is derived from the Roman god’s messenger Hermes. Emil Hermes (not surprisingly) is also the name of the company’s founder.
The first razors built by Merkur already featured a safety comb in which a removable wedge-shaped blade had to be regularly sharpened. During the 20th century, Merkur patented numerous razor models and all their safety razors are marked with “”Made in Solingen”” and “”Germany””.
After Emil Hermes’ death in 1957, the same family continued his work.
Merkur’s production over the years has always remained very classic and for this reason, all Merkur products currently on the market still maintain the same “”taste”” as before.
In 1996, Dovo, the largest Merkur customer at the time, took over the company itself.
In fact, Dovo and Merkur continue to work with two separate productions while still being part of the same company.”