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You are looking for Fatip?

The Fatip razors brand has been synonymous with excellence in the world of shaving for decades. Entirely made in Italy, Fatip razors boast a long tradition of quality and artisanal precision. Their roots date back to the 1950s when the Fatip razor was created in the context of Milan’s economic boom, a period of rebirth and renewal in the country.

The metal used in the making of Fatip razors is brass, which is masterfully worked by artisans in Premana. Through a process that first involves shaping the form and then plating in different finishes, Fatip razors acquire a refined and distinctive aesthetic.

One of the unique features of Fatip razors is the original “open comb” head, which ensures a perfect and deep shave for every type of beard. Over time, the Fatip razor has been enriched with further variants, such as the gentle “closed comb” head, ideal for a delicate and easy shave.

During the 1980s, the production of Fatip razors moved to Premana, a location in the Como area situated a thousand meters above sea level on Lake Como. Premana is famous for its high-quality artisanal tradition in the production of professional knives, scissors, and cutting tools. It was in this context that Ilario Fazzini, an expert artisan from Premana, introduced the Fatip brand, maintaining the original aesthetic features and integrating innovations into the production process aimed at improving the quality and performance of the razors.

Today, Fatip razors are used and appreciated worldwide for their style, maneuverability, and cutting safety. They represent an authentic symbol of Italian shaving art, combining a passion for design and excellence in craftsmanship with the pride of an ancient artisanal tradition, passed down from generation to generation.

The ambassadors of the Fatip razors brand embody the authentic Italian artisanal culture, the “real” one, and spread around the world the pleasure of shaving with the highest quality tools of timeless charm.